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    Michael McGrath - wedding & landscape photographer

    Michael McGrath – Wedding Photographer

    I started my wedding photography business way back in the dark ages when cameras had film and negatives were used to make photographs. Those were the days when wedding photographers had to use a tripod when taking their photos. I still use a tripod for all of the more formal posed wedding photos. I take ALL wedding photographs with my cameras set to “RAW”, their highest quality setting. I then edit all of those raw images into printable to any size colour high resolution jpeg’s, and then give my clients full unrestricted ownership of all their photographs. I do not submit any B&W only photographs, because photographers who do not edit their photographs properly use these b&w only photographs to cover up their exposure mistakes. In my wedding photography coverage ALL photographs can be enlarged to any size by my clients and printed in either b&w, colour or sepia tone. None of this nonsense about photographs having been taken in b&w only!.