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    All Inclusive 40 Page Wedding Album Deals That Start With A  20X20 Album, With Full Day Photography And Full Unrestricted Photo Ownership Included, All For Only €850
    A full day wedding photography package + full unrestricted photo ownership + 40 page wedding album + 6 photo-disc and USB package start with a hardcover storybook style album, fully designed, and printed in Italy, 40 page 20X20 album deal, all for only €850. By full day wedding photography I mean starting from the brides home, with all photography locations included, right up to your first dance. Full Unrestricted Ownership of your photographs means that there are no watermarked images or enlargement size restrictions. You can have ALL of your edited from raw file wedding photos printed to any size in colour, b&w or sepia tone. With none of this ridiculous nonsense about wedding photographs having been taken in B&W only!. Your edited from raw file images will give perfect dress detail and skin tone. Your printable to any size photos are delivered to you on disc & usb stick. It gets better, because I also include four slideshow discs of all your wedding photos with romantic background music.  A nice memento of your wedding and a  great way for friends and family to view all of your wedding photos. Not finished yet, because I also include a full set of your photos reduced down to small email size. So thats a six disc + usb stick, full unrestricted ownership, edited wedding photography with a 40 page 20X20 album package for an all inclusive fixed price of only €850. Extra 20X20 album pages with photos are only €7 each. Just one of a range of all inclusive fixed price 40 page wedding album deals available. A pre wedding all location walkabout and photo-shoot is included with all wedding album package deals. I believe that when a couple pay a wedding photographer hundreds of euro to take their photographs they should be entitled to full unrestricted ownership of all those photos. Your wedding guests will even become your 2nd photographer!. This is because I allow couples to include any clear in focus guests photos that do not have a strong orange colour cast and are of basic printable to 4X6 quality in their wedding album. With my high quality lower priced 40 page wedding album deals you get more album and photographs for very much less money. All this mounts up to big savings on an all inclusive wedding album & photography package. This is what I call “Common Sense Wedding Photography”.
    I only ask for €100 to confirm a wedding booking. Extra payments dew can be made on your wedding day or in the week preceding. Once you book your wedding date, you also book your wedding photography and 40 page album package deal price. All deals on the price list in effect when you booked will still be available to you for up to two months after your wedding date. So you are not restricted to any one photography package on my price list. You can change your mind and opt for a lower or higher priced package deal.
    All of my fixed price wedding album deals come with full day all location wedding photography included. With all wedding album offers your photography could start with the groom if his location is within a 15min drive distance of the bride. My plan is always to be with the bride at least one hour before she plans to leave for the wedding ceremony. All wedding album package deals include full all location photography up to the first dance. After your wedding you will have up to two months to decide on your final choice of fixed price album type.
    All of the wedding albums that I use are high quality “Photostorie Albums” printed and bound in Italy. They are just lower in price but not in quality. Having full ownership of your wedding photographs will have a big influence on your wedding album and enlargements price. Because you will OWN all your wedding photographs you will not be charged a “Per Photo Fee” for having your photographs printed in your wedding album!.  You will have full input into your wedding album design and layout, at no extra charge. Your 40 page wedding album package deal fixed price includes full album design layout and printing. All album deals have full wedding photography included, from the brides home up to the first dance. Have as many wedding album photos as you want printed in b&w, colour or sepia tone. For a more detailed price list click on my “Contact” page and I will email you on a full price list and information sheet. I look on Wedding albums as an extra advertisement for my wedding photography service. Thats why my album design & printing prices are so competitively priced, and fixed for up to two months after your wedding date.
    While price is a very important factor in booking any wedding photographer, photography style and method are equally as important. You might have noticed that I have yet to tell you what a great photographer I am, and how well I could photograph your wedding!. I let my photographs do all that for me. My gallery of photos has a collection of images from various weddings showing posed, casual and candid photos. In my images you will see how I use soft diffused flash & shaded daylight to bring out dress detail and natural skin tones.
    Only one wedding personally photographed per day.
    I photograph weddings that are within a 200klm radius of my home in Tullamore. But will consider weddings further afield. Couples can meet me at my home by appointment from 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday. E-Mail:-  michael@michaelmcgrathphotography.com    Phone:- 0863762176
    There are none. I have a very open policy on pricing. My 40 page album & Photography package deals are all inclusive and cover weddings within a 60 km radius of  Tullamore. If for any reason I have to charge extra for your wedding you will be told this BEFORE you pay your deposit. Lets say your wedding ceremony is in Dublin and your reception is in Tullamore, then this would incur an extra charge of only €40. To check dates or for a more detailed price list and information sheet, email me from my Contact Page. My full price list will be sent on without any further contact, unless more details are requested by you.